Ubix Satellite

Our technology allows to offer a high speed of navigation, in Ka band, with the highest support standards for any location in México.

Our plans included:

+ Satellite Equipment

+ Persistent IP

+ Maintenance

+ Technical Support

We have the fastest satellite internet service in Mexico with speeds up to:

Our Differentiators

The best satellite service in Mexico

Data usage prioritization

Cloud Managed Network

Remotely data usage management

Generation of data usage reports

Up to 4 SSID'S with security for personal or guest networks

SLA's customer support


Our technology allows offer a high speed of navigation, in Ka band, with the highest support standards for any area of the country, connecting and improving communication between companies, as well as reducing the technological gap in Mexico.

Through our service you will be able to connect your administrative system to the primary network of your company, you will be able to maintain the security system and monitor the progress of the work through the online circuit.

Ubix offers security and transactional processes for the banking and financial sector, guaranteeing connectivity at ATMs, points of operation, among others.

We bring health care to rural locations, with virtual consultations. We provide connectivity to health centers and facilitate access to medical records in real time, among other solutions.

For companies in the mining sector that have bases in remote places with difficult access, good communication and connectivity is extremely necessary. Transmitting data easily enables better operation and cost reduction


One of our main objectives is to contribute to the development of communities to improve their socioeconomic status, for that reason we work with government projects.

Federal Government

We participate and collaborate with the federal government in social programs to improve the quality of connectivity services for the population. We help the government to offer more and better services to the community every day.

National Security

We support the work of our security forces to provide mobile satellite communication services such as voice, data, video in real time to ensure the security of the nation.


We offer the highest technology to provide an integrated satellite internet service in vehicles.

We offer mobile broadband connectivity solutions through antennas, these are placed in vehicles to provide connectivity anywhere.

This service is perfect for industries with remote nomadic locations such as oil and gas exploitation, remote news and reporting, military communication, telemedicine, natural disaster management, among others.

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