The development in IoT (Internet of Things) has come to revolutionize the way any business sector operates, being one of the most innovative technological trends, this tool will allow your company to increase productivity and efficiency in business processes as well as reduce costs.

IoT Solutions


Optimize operations and increase the security of your company by monitoring your transports, mechanical diagnosis of vehicles (telemetry), monitoring control and evaluation in routes (georeferencing), among others.

The integration of the IoT will allow you to improve the customer experience and better manage of the operation in your stores and warehouses. Your store could have full control of shelves, stock of products, customer traffic, consumption trends, among others.

Integrating IoT technology into the farming can help you to reduce waste and improve the productivity of your activities through monitoring with sensors of light, humidity, temperature, irrigation automation, among many other benefits.

Increase the quality of service for your patients through the control and location of the medical equipment, personalized monitoring of patients thanks to the management and administration of data, access to technological platforms for the interaction between doctor and patient (Telemedicine), etc.

Integrate IoT technology to your real estate development and increase the operation and maintenance of these, efficiency in the use of spaces such as parking lots and shared areas, intelligent monitoring at access points, parking fees, among others.


Nuestra tecnología permite que el servicio ofrezca una alta velocidad de navegación, en la banda Ka, con los más altos estándares de soporte para cualquier zona del país, conectando y mejorando la comunicación entre las empresas, como también disminuyendo la brecha tecnológica que existe en el país.