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4G network ready for 5G network evolution in México.

Business Internet in KA Band with the best speeds for remote areas.

Our technology will allow you to increase productivity and optimize costs for your company.

Ubix GTP (Global Traveler Plan) is a B2C data plan product for mobile phones in 190 countries worldwide.

Ubix is Technology Maximum speed Innovation

We integrate the highest technology in connectivity to provide a portfolio with the best coverage in all of Mexico.

We have highly trained technicians to cover the specific needs of our clients throughout the national territory.

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Back-up satellite internet

Back-ip satellite internet provides protection against any type of cut, mismatch or interruption in the main internet connection network. The satellite back up allows you to surf the internet even

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Top 5 satellite internet myths

In some ways, delivering satellite internet to a business may sound relatively straightforward: stick an antenna on the building, blast the signal up to a satellite, then back down to

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How much internet speed do you need?

Regularly, a high-speed internet is one of the main features that users look for in their connectivity service provider. Activities such as web browsing, online banking and video conferencing require

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Nuestra tecnología permite que el servicio ofrezca una alta velocidad de navegación, en la banda Ka, con los más altos estándares de soporte para cualquier zona del país, conectando y mejorando la comunicación entre las empresas, como también disminuyendo la brecha tecnológica que existe en el país.