Everyone working here are representatives of our organization everyday, that is why our behavior with our shareholders should always be based on our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Committed to this guideline, the General Director defines zero tolerance for violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

General Behavior

We are committed to carry our activities with honesty, integrity, and transparency, with respect for human rights and the legitimate interests of all the people and organizations with which we interact.

Clients and Consumers

Our clientes and consumers are essence of why we exist. Their satisfaction is key to our success. We are committed to offer products and services of high quality, satisfying their needs and desire always looking to exceed their expectations. Our treatment should always be with honesty, integrity, professional, and respect always looking for the well-being of both and a long term relationship.


We are committed to construct, maintain, and improve our working environment, always promoting trust, respect, and equal treatment for our personnels, acting with no discrimination based on age, sex, nationality, and respecting their political preferences, beliefs, and religious traditions. 

We are committed to providing our staff with and appropriate working conditions, as well as developing and improving their abilities, competencies, knowledge, and capabilities. In addition, we promote a fair salary for the activities carried out.

We know that when working we make involuntary mistakes. The company will tolerate the biggest of errors, but will never allow the smallest of lies.

We expect the personnel to:

* Know our mission and contribute, with their behavior to;

* Dedicate to the company their talents, passion and their best.

* Take responsibility from start to finish of projects and/or activities corresponding to the description of the position, as well as their fulfillment of your committments in a consistent, honest, and responsable manner. We expect our workers to be highly committed.

* Feel responsible for what happens in the company, even if it’s not within their area of responsability, if they detect any anomaly, they must report it or seek attention through channels. 

* Have constantly an attitude to serve inside and out of our organization. 

* Understand that we are all representatives of the company and we must attend both internal and external customers.

* Set a good example to project the image of the organization both inside and outside. 

* Keep deal information confidential. 

In addition to this, we encourage our employees to maintain a balance between their work and personal lives through our work flexibility strategies, where we look to ensure that they spend more quality time with their families. 

Confidential and/or Priviledged Information

In this company we consider that obtaining and fair use of information can be transformed into a competitive advantage, that is why its administration and management must be carried out responsibly, safely, objectively and in accordance with the law.

We understand by possessing confidential information, know acts, facts, or documents about the company or business network, that it should never reach to anyone outside of the company. Having access to this information may represent a personal benefit to those who misuse it or severely affect the company. 

Every person who enters the company must sign a confidentiality letter to which they agree and take responsibility for making good use of the information to which they have access to. 

Those who collaborates in this organization must in no way reveal or communicate confidential and/or priviledged information to third parties. Neither should reveal information regarding salary, special bonuses, or other benefits received. It is strictly prohibited to use confidential and/or priviledged information to obtain one’s benefit or profit, either directly or through another person, as this may cause damage to the interests of the company. The misuse of confidential and/or priviledged information may have criminal consequences, in addition to the disciplinary action that the company may exercise in these cases. 


We seek to implement the best corporate governance practices to provide total transparency and certainty to our shareholders. We are convinced that a good Corporate Governance responds to the shareholders’ demands of being a sustainable, well-managed, socially responsible, efficient, and profitable, which is why we look to be a management model. With our shareholders we are committed to provide periodical timely, transparent, reliable, and relevant information about our activities, operations, and financial situation, as well as taking care and increasing the value of their assets and safeguarding their assets. 

Integrity in Businesses

The company is committed not to give or receive, directly or indirectly, bribes or other benefits to achieve improper advantages of a financial, commercial or any other type. No employee should offer, give or receive a gift, privilege or payment that could be considered a bribe.

Employees must reject any offer or request for a bribe and immediately report it to company management. Likewise, gifts or entertainment activities that could compromise objectivity in negotiations and administrative decision making in current or future negotiations will not be offered.

Promotional items, attention or courtesies to clients are previously authorized by General Management.


We look for business relation mutually beneficial and based on quality, prices, competitive services, and an honest deal. All of them are our strategic partners and a fundamental part of delivering the best service to our clients.

We will always be open to listening promptly to new suppliers. All of them will invariably have the space to present their products and/or services and be heard and fairly valued. If they are not integrated into our product or service catalogues, they will have the right to an agile response with the exact reason why they were not catalogued. This will allow them to better prepare to be considered in the future.

We are also committed to protecting the rights of the suppliers regarding the confidentiality of the information provided, expecting in return that the suppliers in turn comply with the policies of our organization.

We are careful that our suppliers do not engage in illegal practices such as money laundering, failure to comply with their fiscal, environmental or social obligations, such as payment of social security, taxes or work of minors, in accordance with the legislation of the country. We will not maintain any commercial relationship with those suppliers that engage in these types of practices.

Conflict of Interests

The employee must abstain from intervening in any negotation with clientes, suppliers, or service providers in which there may be a conflict in interest, preventing the performance of their functions and obligations in an integral and objetive manner. As a general rule, our employees should not have related business and in extreme case they should make themselves known to the administration and refrain from making business deals directly.

Likewise, it is strictly prohibited for family relatives up to the second degree to work in the company (grandparents, parents, children, spouse, siblings, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandchildren, fathers-in-law, brothers-in-law).

The company and its employees must comply with the laws and regulations that applies to the performance of its activities. Failure to comply with the law is a crime that can result in severe economic damage and deterioration of the company’s image.

The company is committed to participate with the government and other institutions in the development of laws and regulations that respect, defend, and promote its legitimate business interests. We do not stand for any ideological or partisan affiliation, but we respect civic collaboration in professional associations and citizen organizations, as well as the responsible exercise of political rights.

The participation of collaborators in political and/or electoral processes will be entirely on a personal basis and may not include contributions of time, financial support and resources that belong to the company. When a collaborator chooses to participate in politics, she will do so as an individual and must not pretend or say that she is acting on behalf and/or representing the company.

It is strictly prohibited to carry out religious, political, ideological or any other type of proselytism within the company or with its clients.

We are committed to the economic and social growth of the communities where we operate through the creation and maintenance of sources of decent and productive employment.

The company is committed to comply with regulations and laws and even working to constantly improve the impact of its activities and to develop the business on a sustainable basis as well as participate with other organizations in promoting environmental care, increasing knowledge of environmental issues and to spread good practices in this matter. The company, as an integral part of society, is committed to behaving as a good neighbor and fulfilling its social responsibility in the communities where it carries out its activities.

Identifying the sources of contamination and having the commitment to develop strategies that reduce the negative impact that our operations may have is of vital importance for the company.

Likewise, we are committed to complying with the law and being agents of change in promoting environmental education with our interest groups.

At Ubix we are committed to maintaining relationships based on transparency, honesty and integrity. That is why there are reporting mechanisms for situations that threaten the integrity of people or the company. This covers cases such as misappropriation of resources, conflict of interest, corruption and bribery, false reports, non-compliance with legal obligations, and technological abuse. If any act is identified, it will be notified to the corresponding government agencies.

If there is a need to report for any of the causes previously described in this Code of Ethics, the interested or affected person, whether employee or member of one of our interest groups, may send an email to the following address: denuncias@ubix. mx

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