Satellite Solutions for Mining Industry


Whether in the industry of health, construction or finance; satellite internet has come to fill telecommunication gaps in the traditional services. On this occasion, we will talk about some of the benefits of satellite internet for the mining industry.

Since mines are often located in remote locations, this requires that the infrastructure and quality of their telecommunications equipment be adaptable to the lack of geographic accessibility or adverse weather conditions. Satellite internet works great under these circumstances.

The deployment of satellite internet in mines does not require a considerable investment in infrastructure and on the contrary in a few days you will be able to surf the Internet, transfer files, send and receive emails, access your company’s intranet or use VPNs.

The use of satellite internet in the mining industry enables the following tasks:

– Sending of data and exploration images by engineers and geologists to the operations center.

– Dispatch of reports and reports on the progress of the tasks carried out in the mines.

– Communication with suppliers, contractors and the operations center outside the mine.

– Telephony and IP video conferencing with headquarters.

– Organizations are guaranteed to obtain the necessary bandwidth in any location, with rapid deployment capabilities and excellent security.

– Reduction of waiting times and streamlining of decisions based on real-time data.

– Immediate response to possible incidents, which improves the safety of mine´s personnel.


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  1. Network Innovations’ suite of satellite communications solutions for voice and data help to improve communications and mining business operations resulting in cost savings, faster operational results and improved safety.

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