Satellite communication for emergency assistance in the recovery of natural disasters


A relief team requires complete communication capabilities, whether in a densely populated area where there is damage to the ground infrastructure or an isolated place where there is minimal existing connectivity. The Satellite, being not affected by terrestrial issues where the damage to the equipment can be generalized, allows its communication networks to be the first to respond.

Disaster management groups can be used to ensure that their organizations are up to the task of coordinating and providing the necessary relief services in any emergency situation.

Success in emergency aid and disaster recovery is measured by rapid response times and the ability to establish connectivity in real time. Satellite communication networks are quick to deploy and are the axis of rescue and support initiatives during times of crisis.

When disaster strikes, immediate action can be taken if relief agencies and aid organizations have designed communication plans for the coordination of multiple internal agencies or have even used satellite networks to prevent disasters in real time; for example, remote controls at seismic stations, bottom pressure recorders and tide gauges can detect and monitor earthquakes and tsunamis.

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