Your telecommunication partner in Mexico and the world


  • Up to 12Mbps download speed
  • Persistent IP
  • 24/7 phone technical support

*Based on location. 3Mbps Upload.

Use our high-speed satellite internet plans as a tool to develop your business.

With our business satellite internet plans you can count on maintenance and commercial support that fits the specific needs of your business.

Ubix ofers high speed internet in addition to a persistent IP address that supports services such as remote access to LAN, secure virtual private network and other business applications.

  • Construction

    Through the Ubix service you will be able to connect your administrative system to the primary network of your company, you will be able to maintain the security system and monitor the progress of the work through surveillance circuit completely online.


    We offer solutions tailored to the needs of your business, so that our service will allow you to perform your daily activities more easily such as monitoring inventories and updating machine software.


    Companies in the energy sector carry out their operations in various geographical locations around the world and generally in places that are difficult to access, which is why our satellite internet service plays a key role in making quick and accurate decisions, bringing communication, with services and applications for the transmission of data in real time, and availability of permanent connection.


    Ubix offers security for transactional processes for the banking and financial sector, streamlining operations and ensuring connectivity at ATMs, points of operation and Branch offices.


    We have high-speed satellites that offer service to remote places where conventional internet does not have access, we connect your collection points nationwide and allow us to expand your range of operations.


    We seek to reduce the technological gap of the country to support the development of education. We offer different solutions, such as connectivity and surveillance, always maintaining excellent quality in our service.


    We bring medical care to hard-to-reach locations, with virtual consultations and ongoing training for medical personnel. Our service allows the connectivity of health centers and update of medical records in real time among other solutions.


    For companies in the mining sector that have locations in remote and difficult places to access, it is extremely necessary to have good communication. Transmitting data easily allows coordinating different groups that work simultaneously and depend on each other: extractors, transporters, safety and planning equipment, etc.

    We have over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. Our team of professionals is trained and committed to provide you with a high quality satellite internet service.

    Our technology allows high speed of navigation in Ka band, with the highest standards of support for any part of the country, connecting and improving communication between companies, as well as reducing the technological gap that exists in Mexico.

  • Federal and Civil Government:
    We participate and collaborate with the federal government in social programs to improve the quality of connectivity services for population and reduce digital gap in the country. We help the government offer more and better services to the community every day.
    National security:
    We support the work of our security forces to provide mobile satellite communication services such as voice, data, video in real time, and Internet to ensure the security of the nation.
  • Through our partnership with C-COM we are proud to offer a variety of mobile satellite-based antenna systems all throughout Mexico. These systems rely on a one button antenna pointer which automatically aligns an internet antenna to a geostationary satellite. Through this technology, mobile vehicles are capable of acquiring broadband internet anywhere in Mexico.

    These solutions have proven to be essential in a variety of industries that deal with constant movement through remote locations. These industries include: Oil and Gas Exploration, News, Military Communications, Telemedicine and Natural Disaster Relief among others.