Experts in connectivity solutions

Experts in satellite internet

Our team of engineers has  20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector.

At Ubix we create connectivity solutions for your company through the fastest satellite internet and with the highest coverage in Mexico.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Core Values
  • We’re an innovative, dynamic, and cutting-edge telecommunications company: we thrive to exceed the expectations when it comes to internet connectivity for businesses and enterprises in all economic sectors in Mexico regardless of the geographical location, adding value through state-of-the-art satellite technology, strongly contributing to the development of communities creating economies in cascade, and maximizing our shareholder’s value.

  • Become a leader in the Satellite Telecommunications Industry in Mexico and Latin America. We will be a reference when it comes to incorporating the most advanced Satellite Internet Technology for all businesses and enterprises in Mexico and Latin America.

  • At Ubix, our commitment is to offer you solutions in Satellite Internet. Our values include:

  • Honesty.
    It is the essence on which our operations are based. Integrity and transparency within our activities drives us to be a world-class company.
  • Social Responsability.
    It is part of the main commitments within our work culture where we adopt an active and responsible position in the economic, social and environmental development of our community.
  • Transparency.
    It is a main guideline in our negotiations, providing our interest groups with clear and objective information, in order to generate long-term relationships.
  • Added Value.
    We believe in productivity, value generation and optimization of resources as part of our daily performance.

Our offering of value-added solutions is only possible due to our strategic partnerships.